Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Serving Aurora, CO

Rocky Road Aurora

1712 S. Chambers Road
Aurora, CO 80017
(720) 277-0320

Store Hours:
8:00 am – 9:45 pm – Open 7 Days

Welcome to Aurora’s Finest Cannabis Dispensary!  We believe that quality and service is paramount. That's why our recreational dispensary strives to carry only the finest marijuana products in the state of Colorado.

Choose from our hand selected, high potency, Buds, Concentrates, decadent Edible goods, topical patches, lotions, salves and so much more!  Whether you're a seasoned THC aficionado or new to the world of marijuana, our onsite Cannabis Consultants are here to guide your experience from start to finish.

  • Premium Grade Flower

  • Large selection of quality concentrates, edibles and topicals

  • Knowledgable staff

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