Wana Classic 4 for $48

Wana Classic 4 for $48

Wana Classic Gummies 4/$48 (3/17-3/31)

Wana’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of the cannabis plant. That means using only the highest quality ingredients, investing in cutting-edge innovation, and giving back to all the communities we serve.  This March, Wana is also on a mission to save you money! ($7 per bottle, to be exact!)

Wana classic assorted gummies comes with a combination of grape, raspberry, lemon, green apple and orange flavors – each infused with a blend of more than 30 balancing terpenes.

Wana’s distillate gummies come in three proprietary blends, each containing more than 30 unique terpenes in various formulations. This in itself sets us apart, as most competing companies use only five or six of the most commonly occurring terps.  Many companies feel it’s sufficient to work with only five or six of the most commonly occurring terpenes. At Wana, on the other hand, we believe nature is a subtle and miraculous thing – and there are no unimportant pieces of the puzzle. That’s why we infuse our products with more than 30 unique terpenes, bringing us as close as possible to the nuanced effects of the cannabis plant itself.  But we were also highly intentional about which terpenes we added to which blends. Years ago, we partnered with a leading terpene research company called Abstrax. Together, we interviewed some of California’s most knowledgeable budtenders about their favorite indica, sativa, and hybrid cultivars (or strains of cannabis).  Abstrax then analyzed the terpene profiles of those cultivars and used their findings to build three class-specific blends based on their findings. The result: Wana products come in relaxing indica, uplifting sativa, and balanced hybrid formulations.

Traditional edibles like Wana Classic Gummies work by sending Delta-9-THC through your digestive tract and liver, where it’s metabolized into something called 11-Hydroxy-THC. This takes some time (usually around 45-90 minutes) and produces that long-lasting body high most people associate with edibles.

All Wana Classic gummies will be 4 for $48 3/17-3/31, at Rocky Road Thornton & Vail. (* + tax, while supplies last)




More about Wana:

What Makes Us Wana?


We’ve never been satisfied with “good enough,” not even when we were just a scrappy Boulder-based start-up trying to make our way in a newly legalized industry. When many companies cut corners, using inferior ingredients like animal-derived gelatin and artificial sweeteners, we crafted a vegan, terpene-enhanced, melt-proof recipe that virtually any adult could enjoy. While our competitors waited for state regulations to require testing, we tested our products for potency and consistency from the start. And now, more than a decade later, customers all over the U.S. and Canada trust us to deliver a premium cannabis experience, every time they reach for a Wana product.


Quality is crucial, but so is growth. Our Innovation team keeps us on the cutting edge of cannabis science, pouring thousands of hours every year into the research and development of first-of-their-kind products like our bestselling Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies. The result? An ever-growing lineup of product forms, doses, CBD/THC ratios, onset times, and effects that allow each of our consumers to customize their cannabis experience… while we keep working to unlock the full potential of the plant.


Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through the power of cannabis… but we don’t just mean with our products. A grassroots, woman-owned business with deep ties to our Boulder community – and a commitment to enriching all the communities we serve – we’re working every day to enhance our world, with a special focus on issues of food security, housing, domestic violence, LGBTQIA+ rights, and racial justice within the cannabis industry.

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