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The Flower Collective

The Flower Collective Cannabis Products For Sale

The Flower Collective is happily headquartered in Nederland, Colorado, a glacier-formed basin near the Rockies. Ned’s small in size (1.55 square miles) and in population: 1,534 good-natured folks, according to the last census. It’s the place to go (or to build a business like ours) if you seek fresh flowing water, clean air, and untrampled wilderness. More about that fresh flowing water: It comes from snowmelt in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and it’s all TFC uses to water their flowers. TFC’s water circulation system allows their team to re-use much of the captured snowmelt, minimizing their impact on the watershed and saving some for the trout. TFC began manufacturing Bubble Hash in 2015, created Bubble Joints™ and Bubble Blunts™ in 2016, and got turned on to rosin in 2018. They now offer a rotating lineup of house-harvested flower with all of their products strain-specific to the high you seek.